Fameccanica Approach to Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is not an option. This is a sentence we have been hearing for years: on the web, on newspapers, during conferences, from a colleague of ours. Undoubtedly digitization has become a must but who actually knows why? Raise your hand if you can answer this question as you might be one of the few.

Defining digital transformation is not that easy, as a matter of fact, but certainly there is something we cannot deny: Digital is based on data.

You may wonder what’s new since people have been collecting and analyzing data for years. Were we digital already, then? The answer is “no”, for being digital is a new state of mind and attitude implying a huge amount of variables: the way you use your data; the way you make them available outside the walls of your mill; the easiness to find the proper data and the way you analyze them. Last, but not least, the way you DESIGN them to be shared safely.

So here we go: we believe that the actual digital transformation consists of switching from treating data just as numbers to treating them as live beings that move, change and, most important, talk, providing you a relevant added value, an insight achievable solely through a proper knowledge of your business. So, if you don’t know your data you cannot be “Digital”.

Being Digital is an enabler helping you to understand who you are, what you do and how you do it and, above all, what is your undiscovered potential: the strategic intent behind the digital transformation is, indeed, to get a competitive advantage in your current business, to empower it and diversify it, tapping new profit pools. How to distinguish, though, real contents from the background noise?

Listening to what data tell you. Learn from data and you will have better data you can keep on learning from, in a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

How? Through the right analysis tools.

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We are ready. Are you?